erik schmahl
is on the webin 2023 2024
i am a garden designer and educator interested in cultural conceptions of nature and how these conceptions are represented and perceived in manufactured landscapes as natural phenomenon. 

i am curious about the history (and continuation) of primitive accumulation through enclosure and the inherent violence in the idea of land as property — a defining feature of gardens. 

i am thinking about beauty in the face of global warming.

i am moving rocks around and making impressions to capture rainwater while simultaneously feeling my feelings of guilt and pleasure as i drench stubbornly slow shrubs with the hose. 

how to convey an idea with a rock next to a cinder block as the sun bounces off the reflective bit of the shed?

trying to gift time to developing questions and thoughts. some drawings. few answers. fleeting satisfaction. 

cameras & techniques & printed ephemera & distorted guitars & shades of green. 2024 will be totally new and the same :)

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